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Tributes to Brian Epstein
In Their Own Words

In 1995 Martin Lewis interviewed Beatles producer Sir George Martin, the late Derek Taylor (longtime Beatles publicist and co-author of A Cellarful of Noise), and the late Ray Coleman (Brian Epstein and John Lennon biographer) for an E! documentary, and asked them what Brian Epstein meant to the Beatles. Here are a few never before seen extracts from those interviews:

George Martin

"First of all he picked them. He actually said 'I want to be your manager... I want to look after you.' And if he hadn't brought them to me, I wouldn't have recorded them.

"He gave them style... He gave them taste.... He gave them their charm and their impeccability in dress. He was quite strict with them in dressing them up. He made them bow after each performance. Brian gave them all that. He was a dear man and he had a great deal of talent."

George Martin talks about what Brian meant to the Beatles

Derek Taylor

"Brian Epstein is a crucial part of the Beatles story. A most engaging, amusing 'tyrant'! And much more fun than is known. Much more fun. Much more light-hearted and witty and cheeky! Brian was a most wonderful chap. Quite impossible to work for on a one-to-one basis. Because of his demands. But a terrifically good servant for them. And because he gave so much of himself to them - he expected people like me to give all of themselves to him. (But I had a family - so I wisely got out.)

"Brian gave them a very, very nice road. Really quite a carefree way into fame by taking care of business. No matter how many mistakes he made. When he 'went' it was pretty well all over in terms of direction."

Derek Taylor on the importance of Brian in the Beatles story

Ray Coleman

"Brian Epstein's special qualities were his honesty, passion, determination, and the fact that he was a loyal friend and trustworthy. He cared very, very deeply for them. He believed from the moment he saw them that they were going to be the world stars they became. He was absolutely passionate that they were the best in the world. He predicted that from Day One to me and to anyone else who would listen. So he had that unique vision of what he saw coming... He steered them very, very well. His technique was excellent.

"Nothing could come close to what he gave them - which was absolute love - and that's irreplaceable. And they needed that in those days. They needed a man with wisdom and a little bit of money. He also had grace and charm, which impressed a lot of people worldwide.

"I think there is no doubt that had they not had a manager of Brian Epstein's determination - I don't think that they would have emerged from Liverpool. Without Brian Epstein we wouldn't have seen the Beatles. That's my strong view."

Ray Coleman talks about meeting Brian
Ray Coleman on how Brian helped the Beatles
Ray Coleman about why Brian was special

Ringo appeared on CNN's Larry King Live to promote his new album Vertical Man on June 17,1998. Here's what he had to say about Brian as the Beatles' manager:

Ringo Starr

"He was very good. He started like we did. He didn't know the game, neither did we, really. We knew how to play, and he tidied us up and moved us on.

"He ran a record division in his father's furniture company, heard about us, or heard about them, I wasn't even with them then, went down to the Cavern, and said, hmm, maybe I'll manage them. He didn't know how to manage to save his life, but he decided to be a manager, so who knew?"

Ringo talks about how Brian became their manager

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